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Our mission is clear: Transform your space by concealing and protecting outdoor utilities, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Picture sleek enclosures effortlessly hiding air conditioning units, gas bottles, wheelie bins, pool pumps, and more. We understand the need for a tidy, organized space, and that's why our covers not only shield but redefine outdoor spaces.

ScreenPro is a proud creation of UNEX Systems, crafting premium aluminum products since 1981. Elevate your spaces with our 40-year legacy of expertise and excellence.

For over 40 years, UNEX Systems has been at the forefront of crafting premium aluminium solutions. As industry leaders, we've consistently delivered excellence in balustrades, pool fencing, and screens, addressing the dynamic needs of homeowners, architects, and construction companies.

ScreenPro emerged from a passion to maximize outdoor spaces and address the demand for concealing outdoor utilities. Our range, meticulously designed to hide unsightly elements like air conditioning units, gas bottles, and more, replaces them with sleek and modern enclosures.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, ScreenPro is a local family business with over four decades of experience. Our custom aluminium expertise and engineering skills allow us to craft premium, New Zealand-made products. Each ScreenPro cover is a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Our covers feature a premium finish, pre-treated in chromate, and powder-coated in your choice of colour by a qualified Dulux applicator. Beyond their beauty, our covers are easy to install and relocate, representing a valuable investment that can adapt to your changing needs.

Unparalleled Quality and Durability:

ScreenPro covers are crafted from high-grade aluminium panels and sleek louvers featuring a minimalist design with concealed screws. Our products are renowned for their durability, boasting a premium chromate pre-treatment and Dulux powdercoat finish. Enjoy peace of mind with a generous 10-year warranty for residential applications and a 5-year warranty for commercial applications, a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch quality and longevity.

Trustworthy Industry Legacy and Engineering Excellence:

Rely on ScreenPro, a creation of UNEX Systems, with a legacy spanning two generations. Our enduring reputation for engineering excellence ensures premium-quality amenity screens, crafted right here in Hamilton, New Zealand. Trust us to transform your outdoor spaces with unparalleled reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Customisation for Unique Spaces:

ScreenPro goes beyond standard offerings, providing bespoke design services to meet your unique project or unconventional space requirements. With an in-house team of engineers and CAD techs, we ensure that your outdoor solutions are tailor-made to a high level of excellence. Explore our diverse range or get in touch for custom solutions – ScreenPro adapts to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your home or commercial project.

Transform your outdoor space with ScreenPro's premium aluminium covers, expertly designed to conceal and protect heat pumps, pool pumps, gas bottles, and wheelie bins.

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